Ovens Farm Vineyard

Award winning wine from the  Lincolnshire Wolds


The Vineyard

Ovens Farm Vineyard is located in the village of Harrington in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 


Our vines are planted on a south facing slope and protected from the cold northerly winds by a ridgeline and bank of trees (Ovens Plantation). This creates a microclimate which we feel greatly benefits our vines. It is said locally that Ovens Farm was indeed named due to tendency to be just a little warmer than the surrounding area.

Our soils vary across the site with sandy loams at the top of the vineyard running into heavier clay soils at the bottom of the hill. Our sub soils run from chalk and limestone in some areas through to ironstone in others. Each of these elements bring something different to the wines we produce.

The winery

All of our wine is produced on site. The winery started life as a traditional farm building built to store produce. It has been renovated and now contains a range of stainless steel wine tanks in which our wines are fermented.


Cellar Door Sales

We welcome cellar door sales. Please ring Simon on 07919320290 to arrange a time to call in. Or drop us an email to

By appointment only